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Who Are We?

Get to Know the Library Staff

Dr. Ward, Librarian

Before we begin, one thing you must know is that I am not a fan of the classics; Hemingway – blech, Steinbeck – yawn, Dickens – ok.  

Now that we got that out of the way … Hi, I’m Dr. Ward, the high school librarian. I like to read anything YA, but mostly realistic fiction and historical fiction. I do like fantasy and sci-fi, but let’s keep that our little secret. I’m the assistant coach for both the girls and boys tennis teams, and I’m the faculty sponsor for the FC Book Club, Bibliotherapy Club, and Social Activism Club.

When I’m not on the tennis court, I can be found at the soccer field with my twin sons, who both play a lot of soccer. I’m usually the one with my nose buried in a book. 

Mrs. Ryan, Library Clerk


Mrs. Ryan may be known as the only sophisticated reader in the library, but she secretly loves a good People magazine.

Mrs. Ryan can often be found flipping through periodicals, always on the lookout for new sources for research projects, or rereading the Legends of Ireland while sipping tea from one of her many fox mugs.

Mrs. Ryan takes pride in her collection of fox-themed, well, everything. Dr. Ward is trying to convince her to switch to panda collecting, but that day will come when a lay person can give a summary of War and Peace without the help of SparkNotes.


Hi, I’m Lucy and a senior in the Library QRT. I love to play tennis, sing, travel, and bake. I have the entire Pitch Perfect soundtrack memorized, and I have a cute dog named Milled. Oh wait, my favorite books are mysteries, especially murder mysteries.


Howdy, I’m Sophie. I’m a junior this year, and I'm the awesomest member of the library QRT ;)

I like reptiles, reading, baking, and playing video games. I really like historical fiction, so if you need recommendations, come talk to me! I also really like cats and being outside. I like going creeking and herping (looking for reptiles and amphibians), and going on hikes. I have a very fat cat named Simon and a leopard gecko named Bumble. I love listening to Fall Out Boy, along with rock and metalcore, and I started learning electric guitar last spring. I am also very cool.


Hi! My name is Anna, and I am a senior and member of the library QRT. I am on the lacrosse team and play percussion in the marching band. In my free time, I love playing with my chocolate lab, Rocket, and watching Grey’s Anatomy (Rocket’s favorite show). My favorite book series is The Infernal Devices, and I am super excited to be in the library this year!


Hello, my name is Camryn! I am a senior and a member of the library QRT. I am on the field hockey team, and I also play the violin in the orchestra. I love reading! A few of my favorites include The Mortal Instruments, The Naturals, and The Selection series, as well as any romance book. I am the president of the Book Club and Pottery Club. I am vice president of the mythology club. I am also the outreach director for HOSA. I enjoy volunteering at a hospital during the summer and watching Grey's Anatomy in my free time! I am super excited for this school year and hope to see a bunch of new faces in the library this year!


Hello, my name is Gabi. I absolutely love reading books!  I run track in both the freezing winter and the rainy spring, and I also play club field hockey for Venom. My hobbies include jewelry making, baking, and, obviously, reading. I am the president of the Mythology Club as well as Jewelry Club. I am the vice president of women in science and secretary for HOSA.  I am looking forward to manning the library desk and writing reviews on books. My favorite books are Song of Achilles and The Fault in Our Stars (which I made into a prose piece at debate in 8th grade).  One of my current favorite authors is Ali Hazelwood.



Hi, my name is Alaina! I’m a junior and in the library QRT! I play volleyball and enjoy reading, computer art, and piano. I read a lot of different genres, but mostly fantasy and sci-fi! I’m in the Book Club, Mythology Club, and Enviro Club, and I’m so excited to meet everyone this year!