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Secondary Curriculum


Fox Chapel Area School District’s secondary program builds on the district’s exemplary elementary program, which is aimed at building a solid academic foundation, creating the next generation of problem-solvers and instilling Fox Chapel Area’s values of respect, responsibility, and integrity. At every level, our secondary curriculum extensively helps students explore colleges and careers, and develop college and career readiness. 

Keeping in mind the rapid physical, social, emotional and intellectual development and growth of adolescents, Dorseyville Middle School provides an extensive exposure to new experiences and ideas. Lessons not only provide knowledge in various content areas, but they also fulfill opportunities for belonging, freedom, and fun, which are crucial for building self-worth and achieving personal success. Although highly organized, the Dorseyville Middle School structure encourages the flexibility needed to maintain excellence in a quickly evolving landscape as well as satisfying students’ needs for self-discovery.

One of the nation’s premier high schools, Fox Chapel Area High School’s courses of study are designed to satisfy the individual needs of a wide range of students, including gifted students and those who need educational support. A flexible, college-like block schedule is configured with semester-long courses, with most major subjects offered five days per week for 80 minutes each. Additional half-credit classes are offered two or three days per week. Each student must complete a 12-hour learning experience and a graduation project. Fox Chapel Area High School offers 26 Advanced Placement courses.

Secondary Curriculum Staff

Executive Director of Secondary Education and Instruction


Matthew Harris


Dr. Matthew Harris

(412) 967-2461

Secretary to the Executive Director of Secondary Education and Instruction

Sharon Long
(412) 967-2455