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The Student Activities Office at Fox Chapel Area High School is a place where all students are welcome. 

Located inside the high school cafeteria, the office is open daily before and during QRT, and during all lunches. The activities department oversees the Fox Leadership Council, all clubs, and honor societies.  Students can join one or more of more than 70 approved clubs. Each school year, a club week is held to showcase and recruit new members for the clubs.  Most clubs meet during QRT, but some meet directly after school. Bus transportation home is available via an activity/BOT bus at 3:40 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

If a student misses club week or wants to find another club to join, we ask that he or she contact the club’s lead student and/or the faculty sponsor. A full club list is available, as well as a slideshow where many clubs have QR codes to join. Club meetings are posted on the school calendar. Many clubs have a Schoology group to share club events and meetings as well. 

Fox Leadership Council

The Fox Leadership Council (FLC) is a student organization that oversees all student life in the school.  Encompassing each of our building initiatives with student leaders, the FLC executive leadership will help to coordinate all student activities.  Every spring, leadership positions will be elected. The entire student body will vote on a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Interested candidates will complete an application and interview with the lead principal/FLC sponsor.  The FLC will provide an opportunity for all students who show interest in the daily student life here at FCAHS.  

The FLC will include a student engagement team, each class council members, a wellness council, community outreach team, social team, diversity council and A.W. Beattie Career Center leadership.  The FLC can expand as needed to include other organizations working on schoolwide initiatives.  

Class council positions will be based on grade level and municipality.  Students interested in running for class council will complete an application and interview (if needed) by class sponsor.  Team leaders will complete an application and interview with the team sponsor. 

FLC meetings will be held at least monthly and will focus on schoolwide activities and initiations, including, but not limited to, homecoming, spirit weeks, prom, commencement, etc.)

Each QRT will have a FLC rep who may attend meetings and will be asked to share information about upcoming building activities with their QRTs.

Activities Staff

Activities Director

Erin Butkovic

Erin Butkovic

(412) 967-2424