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Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Are You Worried About Your Child?

Are you concerned about your child’s reaction to a recent death or divorce? Are they experiencing bullying or relationship problems? Or has a traumatic event impacted them in some other way? These events may cause inappropriate behavior and create a barrier to learning. Contact the SAP team if you notice unusual behavior in your child.

What is the Student Assistance Program (SAP)?

At Fox Chapel Area High School, we reinforce the connection between emotional well-being and student success through our continuum of the school and community mental health supports. The Student Assistance Program is a statewide, evidence-based team approach that helps students overcome non-academic barriers to learning. The barriers may include certain behaviors, mental health issues or drug and alcohol concerns.

At the core of the program is a specially trained team of professionals who can identify the problems, determine whether the issues are the responsibility of the school, and make recommendations to assist the student and parent. SAP team members can refer a student to a liaison who may screen or assess the child for community-based services and support. Fox Chapel Area High School fosters student resiliency by building a positive school climate through strengthening our connection between the home and school environments.

SAP Team Members

Mr. Ben O’Connor – School Counseling Liaison 
Dr. Laura Ward – Faculty Liaison 
Ms. Carolyn Studt – Special Education/Instructional Support Liaison 
Dr. Stacie Dojonovic – Transition Coordinator 
Dr. Michelle Young – Program Principal (A-L)
Dr. John McGee –  Program Principal (M-Z)
Mr. Dave Frazier – University of Pittsburgh MAPS (Maximizing Adolescent Potentials) Liaison
Mrs. Erin Rebish – FCAHS School Nurse

More Information

Have questions about SAP or want to make a referral?  

Email the SAP team!