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How Does the Student Assistance Program Work?

Participation in SAP is completely voluntary. There are four phases in the process, speci´Čücally:

  • Referral: Anyone, including school staff member, friend or community member, can refer a student to SAP when they are concerned about their behavior. Students themselves can go directly to the SAP team to ask for help. The SAP team contacts the parent/guardian for permission to enroll the child in SAP. SAP cannot proceed unless parent/guardian permission has been granted.
  • Team Planning: The SAP team gathers objective information about the student’s performance in school from all school personnel who have contact with the student. The team will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the data collected, as well as the student when necessary. The team will work to develop an action plan that includes strategies for removing barriers to help the child achieve success in school. 
  • Intervention and Recommendations: The plan is put into action. The team assists in linking the student to in-school and/or community-based services and activities. If necessary, the team will recommend a drug and alcohol or mental health screening or assessment. 
  • Support and Follow-Up: The SAP team continues to work with and support the student and their family. Follow-up includes monitoring, mentoring, and motivating for academic success.

Parents Play an Important Role

You have the right to be involved in the SAP process and have full access to all of your child’s school records. Even more importantly, when you collaborate with the SAP team in the decision-making process, you greatly impact your child’s education and the successful elimination of the barriers to learning.